I have almost 20 years experience in workers' compensation law representing both  injured workers and some of the largest employers and insurance companies in the nation.  I have experience in handling complex litigation, such as heart/lung, chemical exposure and repetitive  trauma cases. I have given seminars on workers' compensation law to businesses and insurance companies across the State of Florida.  Let  me put my experience to work for you. 



 It is often difficult to look out for your legal interests while dealing with the emotional turmoil of a divorce.  However, issues such as custody, child  support, visitation, alimony and equitable distribution will live with you long after your divorce is final.  If you are not married, issues  regarding determination of paternity, custody, visitation and child  support are equally important.  In addition, life changes can result in  the need for a modification.  Therefore, it is important that you retain  a qualified attorney to represent you during this time.  Let me give  you my expertise and experience to represent you. 



 If you have experienced an injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or some other accident, please contact me before  accepting an offer to settle your case.  It is important that you have  someone protecting your rights during this difficult time and ensure  that you are fairly compensated for your loss.  The insurance company has an attorney protecting them, let me protect you.



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